How To Self Publish Your Own Books

Hi welcome to another episode of BorakBisnes. In this one, we chat with a seasoned writer and a good friend of mine, Hezreen Rashid. She’s been involved in magazines, online editorials, writing workshops, and of course publishing. With a wide range of writing experiences under her belt, she’s a great person to offer valuable insights into a topic that has been on my mind a lot recently – how to self publish my book.

In this video, we specifically discuss publishing physical books, breaking down the steps from start to finish. However, it is easily applicable to digital too. It got me thinking about this medium as an extension of a wider business strategy.

Who Says Books Are Dead?

It’s interesting to look back just a mere 5 years ago to see how much disruption technology has made. Many misunderstood it to limit and replace existing formats. On the contrary, technology has provided greater accessibility for readers. Just a quick glance on the internet, every social media influencer has an ebook out as part of their marketing campaign. The growing popularity of the audiobooks, have opened up ‘reading’ to a whole new market segment of busy urban commuters and travelers.

Technology has enriched and enhanced the publishing industry, and ironically increased the novelty of the physical books.

A Rising Tide Raises All Boats

As the saying above goes, technology has helped to innovate and invigorate the publishing industry as a whole. As a result of increased demand, naturally there’ll be an increase in supply too. The barriers of entry on publishing has gone way down that anyone can have a book out in one day.

Amazon.com would be the natural choice for you to self publish online, with a potential market of tens of millions. Using their platform, you could get an ebook published and listed for sale seamlessly. There are also many other platforms, both offline and online, that offers self publishing services.

Good thing Hezreen can share with us what to look out for. If you’ve not watched the video, you should.

Are You Not Entertained?

Do you remember a time when being famous meant you would need to have made such a big impact in the field of sports, politics or entertainment? It required you to be newsworthy enough to be interviewed in the national newspapers and news channels, and syndicated across the world.

Now, you could do famous on your phone, sitting on your toilet. Literally.

With millions of people glued to their social media daily, it has created more celebrities in a short span of time than any media network. Today’s digital media landscape have democratised the way we express ourselves, reach out to others, entertain and be entertained.

For a sample, here’s a 6-year old who made US$11m in one year reviewing toys on YouTube. Yup, it’s a little crazy. But hey, it’s a new world!

We have an episode with Aiman Azlan the famous Malaysian YouTuber. Here he shares why it’s become a legitimate career choice. Who knows, YOU could be the next craze!

Time To Write Your Books

It’s clearer now, more than ever, the need to explore this platform for the success of our business. Many people have now opted to use books (printed, digital and audio) as part of their cross platform media strategy. Even social media influencers have found a use for books to increase their… well, influence. Want to know how to improve your Snapchat success?

As the digital media get more saturated, finding an edge to stand out from the rest would be the best strategy. It would be worth your while to explore how you could self publish your own books, be it digital or physical. Heck, do both.

If you do, let us know about it. What is your cross platform marketing strategy? Also, don’t forget to follow our social media and share our videos.

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