Ep9 Mak, Saya Nak Jadi YouTuber Macam Aiman Azlan

Do you wanna be a YouTuber like Aiman Azlan? Try convincing your parents that.

Malaysians are reported to spend twice as much time on YouTube as the global average. As video streaming gets better, it’s no surprise we’ve changed the way we consume entertainment. We’ve moved away from the television screens. We squint our eyes onto the mobile screens instead. It is necessary for freelancers and small businesses to take note of this too. Including video into their marketing campaign might be a good idea.

However, despite all this attention on video, there’s still resistance in accepting being a YouTuber as a real career. Even with the growing number of YouTuber’s in Malaysia, it’s commonly seen as just a hobby, unstable and not a real business. It’d be a hard time for the young to tell their parents they want to focus on this as their career path.

YouTubing is just the beginning

This is our topic of discussion in BorakBisnes with none other than Aiman Azlan. None have the same kind of social impact and reach quite like Aiman, focusing his influence to help the young in areas of identity, love, education, community, and self-worth. Since 2011, his YouTubing career have allowed him to travel around the world as a successful motivational speaker. Oh, and he’s also written 3 books. Not too bad for being ‘just‘ a YouTuber.

In this video, Aiman shares with us the ins and outs of being a YouTuber, how he monetises (be sure to know more about how to manage your finances), his experience as an social media influencer and an author. More importantly, how to create stability for yourself and family. It is more crucial than ever to define your own idea of success so your success won’t be defined for you.

This is a great video for all those who wish to explore YouTubing as a career choice. Nobody says it’s going to be easy. But then again, nothing really is. Being a medical doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, or an accountant requires years of experience. So too YouTubing. Be aware of what your going into while at the same time look at it’s own merits, and give it a chance.

Let your parents watch it too. Check out our other videos in the series too.

Catch him on: https://www.youtube.com/user/aimanazlan90
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aimanazlan90/

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