Ep7 Car Sharing – A Solution For Unused Cars

For many Malaysians, we are greatly dependent on our cars to move around. It is then quite common to find 2 cars in a regular household. However, with the emergence of ride hailing cars and the improvement of the public transportation, many have resorted to leaving their cars at home. Idle.

This was exactly what had happened with our next guest, Nik Muhammad Amin, when a friend of his asked to borrow his idle car. This accidental discovery sparked the development of one of the leading tech startups in the car rental industry, Moovby. Having grown to a reliable level, with over 1000 bookings nationwide, car owners are able to rent their idle car out on an hourly basis, earning enough to cover the monthly car loan.

Not only that, due to the crowd-sourcing nature of this business, the public gets to select a wide range of cars available to rent. Imagine driving a MyVi to town one day, then perhaps balik kampung with a Volkswagen, the next. For big families, there’s a selection of vans and SUV’s to choose from for the holidays. There’s a rumour that someone has even rented out their Lamborghini.

Don’t worry. They’ve taken great care of insuring the car owners, the users, as well as themselves. Everyone is safe.

So how did Nik do develop this idea into what it is now? Sure, we all have ideas but most end up like the cars at home, idle. In this episode, we got Nik to share his valuable insights on what made it possible for him to take this idea and execute it to realisation. He offered tips for budding entrepreneurs and we also dug into the future of the transportation industry.

You’ll be sure to enjoy this episode. Nik believes greatly the potential of the sharing-economy we’re currently living in. When everyone comes together, great things could happen.


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