Ep10: Business Process For Your Success

Run Your Small Business Like A Big Business

In this episode of BorakBisnes, we speak to our special guest, Rizal Razak, a serial entrepreneur and a former tenant in ThePejabat. He has successfully structured his businesses in a way that makes it possible for him to manage the company from afar. This foresight is rather uncommon for a micro and small business owner. But then again, Encik Rizal is not very common. He started going into business while still studying in university; exploring the exciting world of e-commerce. He was already earning comfortably before he even graduated.

Just like all great serial entrepreneur, En Rizal Razak continued to hone his craft; learning from other experienced business owners and attending multiple courses. Typically, start-ups do not put too much attention on systems just yet, and instead focus on sales and building their market. Encik Rizal however, believes in preparing the business infrastructure for growth. In other words, he wants to run his small business like a big business. When the time comes for his business to grow, it will be well prepared and ready.

Build A System

If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you are doing

If you think of a company with a successful business model, what do you think of? McDonalds would definitely be up there on that list. They’ve been around for over 60 years and does not look like slowing down. In fact, they’re aiming to double their sales by 2022. Hundreds of millions of people have visited McDonalds around the world. Every BigMac from New York to Bukit Bintang tastes the same. The smell of the restaurant smells the same. The design and colour, the staff, the availability of any order is the same. How is this possible? One word – consistency.

And this consistency is what en Rizal is aiming for. In his most recent business venture, the HCube Home Tuition, he has empowered his managers to hire the right teachers. The teachers are clear on the company culture and what expectations are on them. Most importantly, the parents have trust that this brand will ensure success for their children.

Every operation that is repetitive can be automated. By doing this, you free your hands to focus on other aspects of the business for growth.

Creating a standard operating procedure (SOP) for small and micro businesses is a crucial element that prepares these businesses for growth. Hope you enjoy this episode of BorakBisnes. If you want to know more about the other important things to look out for when starting a new business, check it out here.


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