The Big Boss

Cat Lodging and Grooming


The Client

The Big Boss is a pet lodging and grooming company based in Sunway, Selangor. Their launching was delayed due to the global pandemic. But to their advantage, there was pent-up demand for this service.

The Goal

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the goal was to build a website and develop a digital marketing strategy to go along with their launch, in hopes of filling up their bookings for the month.

What We Did

Upon understanding the customers better, we built a booking system that removes friction between the client and the service.

Due to the pandemic, there was a heightened level of health and safety. We needed to make sure this was reflected on the registration forms and the website.

The website was designed to make it easy for the customers to navigate and understand the services available, which helps them decide on booking an appointment.

The Branding

The social media strategy was simple enough which was to build a community around the love of cats. We managed to create a page that connects fellow cat-lovers with each other, sharing lovely and funny stories of their cats.

This helped in increasing brand awareness and loyalty within the community.