Malaysia Cyclocross

Sporting Competition


The Client

The Malaysia Cyclocross Championship is an initiative by a tourism industry agency and a national cycling association. They wanted to create a unique sporting tournament, which is the cyclocross, that is not common in Malaysia or in the region.

This inaugural tournament is going to be an international annual event.

The Goal

The goal was to develop a professional website for participants to send in their registration. We needed to make it easy for participants to navigate and find the information to help them make a decision.

What We Did

We designed the website with the future in mind. It was important to have individual event pages. This would be useful as the competition grows over the years.

A dynamic archive approach was used to allow easy updating of events by the organisers.

Each event page has the necessary input for information, location, graphics, contacts, booklet downloads, registration form among many other things.

The Result

The clients were very happy with the outcome of the website as it served its purpose for registration and onboarding participants.