ANA Build Sdn Bhd

A Renovation Company


The Client

ANA Build Sdn Bhd is an new construction company based in Selangor. They specialise in building residential homes and renovating commercial lots. The young founders are ambitious but grounded in developing the business in a sustainable way.

The Goal

The goal was to develop a professional website that is able to act as an automated salesman. We needed to make easy for prospective clients to navigate and find the information to help them make a decision.

The Branding

In the modern day, prospective clients go through multiple touch points, to verify a service or product, before making a decision. This includes searching and scrolling through social media.

It is important that we develop a compelling and consistent brand strategy that is suitable for this new construction company.

Ads and Searchability

In any marketing strategy, it has to include an effective inbound marketing element. This is particularly true for a construction company.

We strategically targeted the right market and used keywords to reflect the services offered.

As a result, we have successfully achieved a commendable CTR of 5.9% and a conversion rate of 6.5% over the past 12 months.

This translates into the client getting 20-30 quality leads a month.